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RVA01 Venetian Lanterna Galley


The lanterna or great galley was an over sized variant of the standard galley. Measuring up to 180 feet long, and sporting 2-3 masts, they were slow ships and depending on overall size needed 200+ oarsmen to row.

Lanternas were built for war and capable of transporting 400 soldiers into battle while crushing the enemy with a great amount of ordnance in the bow. Named after the large lanterns mounted on the sterns which were used for signaling and recognition, the lanterna was most often used as flagships by commanders. Variations of the lanterna were called Petronas in Italian, and Capitanas in Spanish.

Our Skull and crown 1/300th scale laser cut mahogany plywood Lanterna model kit measures 180 mm long.

Each Lanterna model comes with the following: Random flag/awning/trim set, crew and captain markers, fusta damage dice holder, smoke marker, furled or no sail yardarms, Open and closed arumbada (forecastle)
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