Spanish Galley

Spanish Galley

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The main fighting vessel in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years, galleys in the Renaissance became amazing instruments of war. Measuring from 140-160 feet in length, they could have between 22 and 26 banks of oars (24 seemed to be the norm).

Following the ancient doctrine of the galley being a forward facing weapon (the sides were vulnerable) yet updated for the times - behind the great “spur”, or ram, on the bow of the ship, Renaissance galleys had an array of guns, with one large “great gun” firing a 30-50 pound ball, flanked with smaller caliber guns. Over the gun deck was a sort a fighting platform, called an arumbada. From the protection of the arumbada, an array of swivel guns, crossbowmen or harquebusiers would fire down into an enemy ship while the boarding party used the spur of the ship as a boarding platform.

Each Galley model is 1/300th (6mm) scale, measures just under 150mm from end-to-end, and comes with:

  • sheet of colorful flags, awning and side trim (random)
  • crew and captain markers
  • fusta damage dice holder
  • smoke marker
  • yardarms with or without furled sails
  • open and closed "arumbada" (aka: forecastle)

All models come unassembled and unpainted, and are not intended for children under the age of 14.