Welcome to Skull & Crown Strategem, Inc.

Below - you will find information about the company, product lines and some of our policies.  As time continues, the contents of this page, and the site will be updated based on questions, feedback, new products and...things we may have overlooked. 

About S&C

Skull & Crown (officially titled: Skull & Crown Strategem, Inc.) is a purveyor of fine wooden soldiers, robots and ships, as well as white metal 28mm miniatures collections and located in San Jose, California at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I am a game designer by day, and tabletop game and miniatures imagineer by ...well, all the time.  I design and cut figures and other such creations on my own personal laserinator.  I also collaborate with other amazing artists and makers who take my designs and/or ideas and sculpt beautiful figures that you see on this store. 

Many of my wooden designs and games were done with my own children in mind, and were play tested on the "Fossling Proving Grounds" as well as at conventions with adults and other children.  With that in mind - all Skull & Crown models are designed for children ages 14+, but should ALWAYS have parental supervision when assembling, especially when sharp objects are involved!

See some of the games in action, or just stay up to date with what's happening in various ways - such as my:


Product Lines / Collections

For more on the product lines listed below - see each unique Collection landing page.

  • Breaking Lances
  • Galleys, Guns & Glory!
  • Killer Rabbits
  • Triumph of Death
  • Wooden Wars - Napoleonics
  • Wooden Wars - Queen Victoria's Robot Wars  (Under Construction...)
  • Wooden Wars - Wars of Imaginations  (Coming Soon!)
  • Wooden Wars - The Rat King


Operations / Shipping

As this is a hobby turned shared enthusiasm, I fit these projects in around my other daily demands.  So, I do try to be responsive, but when push comes to shove, I may only get to updates, responses, fulfilling orders and shipping twice a week. 

We use USPS to ship - and our prices are based on the following: 

US/Domestic = Flat Rate shipping

International = 1st Class or Priority (whichever option we have that is less expensive or quicker - if both cost about the same and are an option when shipping).  Our shipping costs are averaged around the prices/weights for these services. 

** Please let us know if you are trying to place an order and your country is not supported in our store.  We used our historical shipping regions as a guide. **


Upcoming Kickstarter

  • COMING SOON - early 2020


Past Kickstarter Projects

  • Wooden Wars
  • Triumph of Death
  • Killer Rabbits
  • Triumph of Death II: Apocalypse!


Contact Us

I can be found on Facebook, my blog, or you can write us directly at skullandcrowninc@gmail.com